About me in Norwegian

Immateriell Kulturarv(Intangible cultural heritage in Norway)

Den norske hardingfelemakartradisjonen


Welcome to my web site!

I studied Making,Repair and Restoration work of Violin family at Newark School of Violin Making in England.

After I graduated from the school, I had a work experience at Stepan Soultanian's work shop in Cyprus.

I experienced of his expert level works in there.

he has many kinds of experiences and knowledges for violin family.It made me grow up a lot.

Then back to Japan, I went to a violin shop in Kanazawa-city,Ishikawa-prefecture.

Mainly, worked for customers instruments of Violin, Viola and Cello for repair and maintenance. And also restoration works to some imported instruments what come from some auctions in England.

I studied the Hardingfele(Hardangerfiddle) making from Ottar Kåsa who is a professional maker and player in Bø i Telemark in Norway.

I had a lot of experiences of Hardangerfiddle things including Norwegian traditional music world for 2years.   


Hardingfelemaking at Landskappleiken 2018 in Trysil

Bronze Diploma













~A reason why i got interested in the Hardingfele~

I saw a picture of this fiddle in a book and was impressed.

And I knew that there was no the fiddle's maker and no one can repair and maintenance to them in Japan. But there is a few players. So I wandered to become a professor briefly. 

But I wasn't sure to go the way or not, so i visited to Utne,Hardanger(where this fiddle was born) area in Norway to see the Norwegian' culture, life and nature.

I was impressed so much about them. it was only for 3 days stay, but it became a very important trip for me. 

Then I heard the fiddle's sound in Japan again and immediately pictures of the landscape of Norway came to my mind. this surprise made me decide to become Hardingfele maker.